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Patented Process - Efficient Manufacturing

Your business doesn’t have infinite manufacturing capacity, but most solutions build schedules assuming that you do because that’s the only thing they can calculate. We created Infor™ ERP VISUAL to correct that flawed assumption, of “infinite scheduling,” which lies behind all other manufacturing software products. That glaring flaw leads to bottlenecks, delays, inflated costs, and hopelessly unreliable planning. Their approach is often worse than useless—you’d do better by throwing darts. You get an entirely different approach to shop-floor scheduling, thanks to our developers’ half century of experience. The patented finite scheduling algorithm in VISUAL accounts for your actual capacity—that includes on-hand and expected material availability. A few competitors have responded with ersatz finite scheduling features—they shroud calculations in a “black box” and leave you guessing whether your schedule relies on valid assumptions. With VISUAL, you get schedules that don’t leave you guessing—you can see all the system’s
calculations and assumptions, so that you can make more confident decisions and keep your promises to customers.  You'll also know in advance that every job you quote will yield a profit.

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